Orchid Love

This image is about vision, fine art, emotion, and movement. It wasn’t a routine photo taken but rather the creation of fine art photography—born out of creativity.

The back story on how this image was born.

©2017 Kent J Burkhardsmeier    All Rights Reserved

As you look at this photo:

  • Where do your eyes go?
    • Do they linger in one place?
    • Do they move around within the image?  Where?
    • Do they want to move out of the image?
  • Are you drawn into the image or does the image reach out to you?
  • Does it conjure up emotions within you?

The rest of the story…

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Switching to Capture One Pro

How I made the move from Lightroom to Capture One Pro.

How I made the move from Lightroom to Capture One Pro

For the past 6 months, I’ve been using Capture One Pro (COP) by Phase One as my RAW converter and image editing software. In this article, I am going to share How I switched from Lightroom (LR) to COP. I won’t cover Why as many others have already covered this topic (see resource links at end).

With a long career in IT as my background, I put together a transition plan to assist me in moving to C0P. I’ve simplified the transition plan down to 4 Transition Stages and 2 Post-Transition Activities to help others interested in switching to Capture One Pro…

…Read the full article on the Phase One IQP Blog site —> here.